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Embracing Nacha’s New Risk Management Framework
During this webinar, you will learn about major themes of the new strategy and why the change in focus is critical to the payments industry, areas of focus for future risk management initiatives, industry guidance from Nacha’s Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG).
Strategies for Contract Negotiations in Payments
This session examines how contracts and agreements comprise the foundation of the ACH Network, reviews potential concerns from different perspectives of all involved, and details best practices to define requirements by party and tactically ensure the agreements or contracts are addressing these issues.
The Future Evolution of Regulation E
This course focuses on how Regulation E coverage extends (or not) to emerging products.
Improving Cross-Border ACH Payments
Speakers on this webinar will discuss the identified gaps for cross-border ACH payment remittance, the ISO 20022 Underlying Customer Credit Transfer element used as the basis of the API, the development of the International ACH Remittance API standard, and the opportunities for implementation of the new API.
Looking Through the Lens of Consumer Understanding
This session examines how to provide enough information to allow consumers to make informed choices for faster payments.
Payments After Dark: Examining High Risk Originators
Speakers on this webinar discuss what constitutes "high risk" payments and the types and magnitude of transactions that give rise to such risks.
Payments Regulations in the Age of AI & Digital Currency
This session explores the implications of decentralized finance methods - including AI, stablecoin, cryptocurrency, and smart machines - on payments as well as how these technologies might impact an organization's risk profile.
The Web of Regulation
This session provides listeners with an understanding of who regulators are, what they do, and the extent of the regulatory reach.
Cryptocurrency: Ways to Navigate, Laws & Regulations
The speaker in this session offers a brief explanation of the history of cryptocurrency, the current and emerging legislative environment, regulation at the state and federal levels and potential use cases.
Electronic Signatures in E-Commerce & Digital Payments
The speaker in this session reviews the regulation and how it has changed over time and might continue to change in the future, to provide listeners with a clear understanding of the importance of this law.