ACH for Corporate Financial Professionals

*This course is not currently eligible for AAP and APRP continuing education credits. This will change as more content is added

The purpose of this course is to help corporate financial professionals (AP, AR, treasury, finance, credit) better understand ACH and electronic payments.  The goal is to provide corporate stakeholders with information and tools to help guide payment strategy and process improvement.  The course will include these topics:

  • Review of payment terminology and payment types
  • The problem with checks
  • How ACH works
  • Payment controls and risk mitigation
  • Best practices for increasing electronic payments

Two Questions the Course will Answer

  • What is ACH and how does it work?
  • How can I leverage ACH to improve payables and receivables?

Level: Novice/Beginner

Learning Outcomes:

  • The difference between EDI, EFT, ACH, Remittance
  • Why checks are bad for payers and payees
  • Basic ACH credit and debit payment operations and requirements
  • When is my money my money, and how can I protect it
  • Opportunities for getting trading partners on board with ACH

Instructor: Rob Unger, Nacha

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ACH for Financial Professionals
Using ACH Versus Checks
ACH Payment Basics
When is My Money My Money
Best Practices for Increasing ACH