Embracing Nacha’s New Risk Management Framework

Nacha’s new risk management framework calls for a new way of thinking about fraud prevention, detection and recovery, and a cultural change in the industry about fraud information sharing.

Nacha’s previous risk management strategies for the ACH Network have focused on protecting consumers and organizations, and their account-holding financial institutions, from fraud due to unauthorized debits that pull money from their accounts.  Now, however, the most significant fraud threats to bank account holders involve frauds and scams that result in money being sent out of their accounts.

This Risk Management Framework identifies current fraud threats and provides direction on opportunities to improve fraud detection, prevention, and the recovery of funds.  

This important webinar explores the objectives, themes and areas of focus as detailed in the Risk Management Framework. 


Jordan Bennett, Senior Director, Network Risk Management, Nacha
Jeanette Fox, Senior Director, Risk Investigation & ACH Network Risk Management, Nacha
Michael Herd, Senior Vice President, ACH Network Administration, Nacha

This webinar is eligible for 1.8 AAP/APRP continuing education credits.

Keywords: WEB1022, AAP/APRP


[Recording] Embracing Nacha’s New Risk Management Framework