Introduction to Blockchain

*This course is worth currently worth 1.2 AAP and APRP continuing education credits

Introduction to Blockchain

Course Details: Interest in blockchain is at a fever pitch. A fall 2020 Google search for “blockchain in financial services” resulted in over 113,000,000 results. Blockchain is clearly maturing nascent, novel technology and promises to deliver highly trusted, unchangeable systems of record. Do you know enough to have a conversation about the business value of blockchain in any given system? Peter Tapling has been working with and speaking on blockchain technology since 2012 and will help you come up the blockchain learning curve quickly.

This course will give an introduction to blockchain, discussing the technology involved to provide a basic understanding of mechanics of blockchain systems, including smart contracts. The technologies that underly blockchain are well understood, so this will help you put the puzzle pieces together. The course will then cover the basics of cryptocurrency – including how and why value is derived. Finally, the course will discuss how to apply blockchain to business problems and provides an evaluation framework for your consideration as you evaluate how blockchain applies to your business applications.

Students will learn blockchain fundamentals and terminology. They will understand blockchain from the perspective of how it supports applications, including cryptocurrency. They will come away with a model for evaluating the utility of blockchain for specific applications. 

Level: Beginner

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of blockchain
  • Describe the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain
  • Understand cryptocurrency
  • Articulate the differences between blockchain and a traditional database
  • Evaluate how blockchain might support a given business application


Peter Tapling, APRP, PTap Advisory, LLC

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