Introduction to International Payments

*This course is worth 1 AAP and APRP continuing education credit

As globalization continues, both for consumers and businesses, it is important to understand the nuances of international payments. This course will set the stage by first covering some trends and factors that influence international payments. We will then take a deeper dive into payments/collections, International ACH, instant/faster payments around the globe and regional highlights.

Prerequisites (if any): None

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify factors that influence international payments and their development
  • Explain different types of international payments and collections and revenue drivers
  • Explain how International ACH typically works
  • Identify different types of faster/instant payment schemes and learnings from them
  • Describe market differences in regional payments that can lead to innovation

Skills Covered in this Course: International payments knowledge, international ACH, revenue drivers in international payments, economic factors involved in payments

INSTRUCTOR: Jane Hennessy

Keyword(s): AAP/APRP


Part 1 - Setting the Stage
Part 2 - Payments & Collections
Part 3 - International ACH & Wires
Part 4 - Instant & Faster
Part 5 - Regional Highlights
APRP Certificate