Legal Framework of Faster Payments

This course is worth 1 AAP and APRP Continuing Education Credit

Around the world, there is a demand for faster payments.  Many countries have created new systems to speed up the transfer and settlement of funds.  In the United States, some existing payment systems are evolving so they can move money faster, and new ways to send money are being created.  This course will describe important details about various faster payments options in the United States, focusing on key operational and legal differences.

Questions answered by this session:

  • Which systems use credit pushes, debits, or both
  • How settlement differs among faster payment systems

Prerequisites (if any): None 

Level: Intermediate

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the differences in the US faster payment systems
  • Better understanding of faster payments to apply when choosing what is "right for the organization"
  • Explain the payment finality and warranties for each faster payment system


Skills Covered in this Course: Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management


Jeanette Blanco, Nacha

Alaina Gimbert, The Clearing House

Janice Havins, JPMorgan Chase Bank

Keyword(s): AAP/APRP

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[Recording] Introduction to Legal Framework of Faster Payments
[Recording] Detailing Real-time Payments
[Recording] Presenting Zelle
[Recording] Showcasing Same Day ACH
[Recording] Implementing Faster Payments
[Recording] Conclusion
Quiz on Legal Framework of Faster Payments
APRP Certificate