Navigating the Legalities & Compliance Implications of Third-Party Providers

In today's digital age, many organizations rely on third-party senders or service providers to handle their payment transactions. While this may seem like a convenient and efficient solution, there are legal considerations that businesses must be aware of when outsourcing their payment processing. During this session, we will explore the legal landscape surrounding the use of third-party senders and service providers. The presenter will also discuss the various laws and regulations with which organizations must comply, including data protection and privacy laws, consumer protection laws, and anti-fraud regulations. The speaker will also discuss best practices for mitigating legal risks when outsourcing payment processing, such as conducting due diligence on potential service providers and regularly monitoring their performance. We will also examine where the various responsibility lies when it comes to transacting safely, as well as potential new Nacha requirements currently under consideration.


Keith Barnett, Partner, Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP

*This recording is not eligible for continuing education credits.

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[Recording] Navigating the Legalities & Compliance Implications of Third-Party Providers