Upcoming Nacha Operating Rules and How They Affect End-Users

There are a number of changes coming to the Nacha Operating Rules in 2024 that treasury, finance and payroll professionals need to understand. This webinar highlights what the new Rules are, their benefits and impacts to you, and how to prepare from both the sending and receiving perspectives. 

New Nacha Operating Rule changes are intended to reduce the incidence of frauds, such as business email compromise (BEC), that make use of credit-push payments. The new Rules establish a base-level of ACH payment monitoring on all parties in the ACH Network (except consumers).  

  A media release about these new rules is HERE

The new rules follow the flow of a credit-push payment to promote the detection of fraud from the point of origination through the point of receipt at an account at the RDFI. Listen to Nacha experts as they highlight what the new Rules are, their benefits and impacts to you. 


Debbie Barr, AAP, CTP, Senior Director, ACH Network Rules Process, Nacha 

Amy K. Morris, Senior Director, ACH Network Rules, Nacha 

*This recording is not eligible for continuing education credits.

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