Set Your Preferences

Assembling a course itinerary that’s best for you is at the heart of PaymentsIQ. We provide the ship; you tell us where we’re off to. Help us help you by recommending what’s relevant—and don’t be shy about saying what’s not.

We want your honest input to help make this experience smooth sailing. Give us a couple of minutes now as a down payment. The Recommended For You feature will present products to you based on your areas of interest. To rank those, please visit your Profile page.

Once there, please verify and update your personal information, then check out the “Interest Categories” section. That’s where we want to know what’s of interest to you—and, equally important, what’s not. Mark your preferences using a scale from zero (low level of internet) to five (high level of interest). That way, we can recommend content you’ll find most useful. When you’re done, just click “save” and we’re off!