Subscriber FAQs

Subscriptions are done on a yearly basis based on purchase date. For example, if you purchase a subscription on Jan. 4, 2021, it will expire at midnight Eastern time on Jan. 3, 2022.
Yes, and you can view courses as many times as you'd like while your subscription is active.
No. PaymentsIQ is tied to your account using Single Sign On (SSO). Use your login information to log into PaymentsIQ.
It depends on the length of the course. AAP and APRP continuing education guidelines still apply to PaymentsIQ (1 credit for every 50 minutes). Some courses pertaining to a topic are so short that multiple courses within that topic must be completed to earn credits for the entire series. Content that is and is not eligible for credits is marked as such in its description.
Regularly. If you've begun courses within a particular subject matter you will see any new components that get added when you net log in.
If your subscription isn't renewed by its end date you will automatically lose access to PaymentsIQ. Once your subscription is renewed, that renewal date becomes your new active date and access to PaymentsIQ is restored.
Yes. You will receive notifications leading up to the end date. We also recommend setting a calendar reminder.
All subscriptions must be renewed through

Content Submission FAQs

No! Feel free to submit a course proposal for anything you feel you are an expert on!
Each course should have 1-2 speakers. You must get permission from your speakers prior to submission to include their name. If a speaker is submitted without their knowledge, the submission will be determined ineligible for review.
Content proposals will be reviewed quarterly by the PaymentsIQ Team. Decisions will be communicated via email by Nacha’s Education Department,

Technical FAQs

You will need to first login to the conference site using your email and the password: [password]. Forgot Password? Please click here to reset your password. An email will be sent to you- if it does not come through right away, please check your junk folders.

You should have received a confirmation email with detailed instructions. Within that email there is a link which directs you to the login area.

Alternatively, you can access any of the sessions by clicking on the “Program & Sessions” in the top menu bar or block at the bottom of the home page.

From there, select the conference day you would like to view. Click on any session title and access the “View Session” button. Simply click on the correct day, and click on View Session towards the right.You will be able to access 15 minutes in advance of the start time each day.

The virtual sessions are being recorded and all registrants will have access to them. All sessions will be posted the day after the live session takes place. The process will be similar to how you login for the live programs, but you will be able to view at your convenience.

INSERT INSTRUCTIONS If you have questions about CE, please email

If you are not able to hear any audio through your computer speakers first check to make sure your speakers are not muted or turned off.

The next step is to refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking the “refresh” button in your web browser.

If you continue to have technical issues send an email to

Please ensure your organization meets hardware, software and bandwidth

Please take the following requirements well in advance

  1. Perform a browser test (CLICK HERE)
  2. Please review the following Technical Requirements and be sure your system and networks are up to date.

Minimum System Requirements:
2.0Ghz Processor or faster 2 GB RAM (Greater than 2 GB recommended)
Minimum Browser Requirements:

Browser must support HTML-5. To detect your browser version, run

Windows 7 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Chrome 60 or greater Firefox 52 or greater Edge 14 or greater Safari 10 or greater iOS 10 or greater Internet Explorer 11

IP Addresses and Ports to Allow for HTML5: port 80, 443 (web and audio) port 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio) ports 80, 443 (web and audio)

Other Recommendations: It is recommended that you use a PC or MAC with an updated Internet Browser. Make sure you have pop-ups blockers disabled in your Internet browser settings. Make sure that your internet browser is Active X enabled. Wifi is not recommended. The problem with WiFi is signal strength can vary causing bandwidth to increase or decrease. We recommend a wired connection. A wired connection gives a consistent signal and consistent bandwidth. A wired connection provides a better experience. Audio (sound) is projected through your computer speakers. Be sure your computer is equipped with speakers or the room where the conference is being broadcast is equipped with speakers so you can hear the presenters.

Need Further Technical Assistance? Please send an email to

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